The Sea You Have To Love

AT/HR, Documentary, 27:30, HD

The Sea You Have to Love
AT/HR, Documentary, 27:30, HD

„A wonderful, poetic film.“
Sebastian Höglinger
Diagonale, Festival of Austrian Film

The Sea You Have to Love accompanies the crew of a small fishing boat and a retired fisherman on his rowboat in Croatia. Two captains, which connect more than their salt-and weather-drawn skin: the love of the sea and a dying profession, which is just as threatened with extinction as the prey of the fishermen.


Giordano, Ricardo, Jadro, Patrick

directed  & concept by
Patrick Wally

photographed by
Steven Heyse & Patrick Wally

edited by
Christian Ernst

produced by
Piece Of Cake Films

color grading by
Daniel Hollerweger

sound design by
Serge Watts

dcp by
Oliver Kunz

translation by
Filip Pavlovic, Domagoj Štokan, Adrijana Baijric,
Karolina Schiller, “Ciombe” Antilovic